Data acquisition from multiple devices in a large shop floor or campus may be tedious with a wired network. Quite often such data acquisition is done using RS485 bus architecture or an Ethernet network. Long running cables not only increases the implementation costs but also makes it very difficult for maintenance and trouble shooting. Apart from this, one of the major constraints for such architecture is the compatibility requirement of all devices to a physical communication layer protocol.

Wireless mesh network solution from EMWHIZ takes care of both these challenges. Zigbee wireless terminals (EM51x) of EMWHIZ can create wireless mesh networks with its coordinator connected to the SCADA or any other data acquisition device. The devices from which data are to be collected may be connected with an appropriate Zigbee End Point/Router Terminal. The Coordinator and the End points/Router will automatically form a mesh network when they are switched on. The SCADA server or the Data concentrator can access any device through this network.

One of the most important features of this solution is that devices in a network can have different physical layer protocols. For different protocols one can select an appropriate End point or Router. For example, for devices with RS485 port, RS485 based Zigbee terminal can be used and for RS232 based devices, Zigbee terminal with RS232 port can be selected. Even Zigbee terminal with Ethernet port is available so that devices with Ethernet ports can also exist in this network.

Zigbee terminal with I/O ports can be used to connect various sensors to the mesh network.

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